The song Explode the Devil on Fire is another Instrumental EDM by Enrico Milano. The video version of this song is a Rocket League experience. It’s a compilation of goals where the goal explosion is a devil on fire. This song is set with a strong beat that will make itself known as soon as a person hits the play button and the music begins.

The drums and the baseline are present and there is a bit of a new and electric feel to this song. As the song goes on a higher instrument sound is heard over this base and it has an interesting and unique sound. This is like something that has not been heard before.

As the song continues the instruments come in stronger and there is a clear sound over the base that was heard at the beginning. This beat goes on and just when a person thinks they are getting used to it, things change up a little. There are some new sounds that are added over the base to build up the intensity and to give the song layers.

As these sounds go on a person has a beat that they can dance to and they will want to get up and move around.

The song calms down just slightly with the volume but it does not slow down in intensity. As the main theme continues, there are new sounds added but they go back to the original theme and the beat from the beginning is always present even if it is in the background at some time.

Near the end of the song some of the instruments are moved out and the sounds from the beginning return. This gives the song a familiar sound as it quickly fades away. The shaker is present and this is something that a person can count on hearing throughout the entire song.

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