The song Spitfire is an electronic dance song by Enrico Milano. This is an instrumental song and there are no words just the music. The song begins with a strong and loud sound. It is definitely attention getting. It does have a nice beat to it that increased. The song then moves onto an electric type sound which is good for all of the techno fans that want to listen to it.

This is a song that will be easy to dance to and just about anyone can keep the beat. It is energetic and there are always changing and new sounds added to add layers to the music.

The song goes up in intensity and then it goes back to the beat that is easy to dance to. This keeps things in the song interesting. At one point it seems like a female voice is heard that is keeping up with the beat and the rhythm.

This is then taken over with a strong and new drum sound. This will still keep up with the beat of the song and will make a person want to dance even harder to keep up and stay on the beat.

New sounds are always being added to increase the intensity. After the new sounds, the song will return to the original beat which is nice and will keep the listener on task. At the end of the song, it gets louder so a person will think they will keep on dancing and they will keep on going.

The sound is like a guitar with an electric feel to it. This sound increases in volume and intensity and it seems like it is going to stay that way until the end of the song. The song ends abruptly and a person will still want to keep dancing.

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