The song “Don’t Wet My Cat” is another instrumental EDM song by Enrico Milano. This song starts off with some high notes that are sure to get the attention of anyone listening then it turns into a soothing beat. The beat is strong, but it is not overpowering and can be heard in the background as more instruments are added.

The instruments that are added to the beat give the song a lightness, but they also have a mysterious quality. A person cannot help but keep on listening to see what sounds are coming next and where the music is going.

There are new sounds being added to this song to take it to a new level. Near the middle of the song, there are some calming sounds and then the instruments bring the mystery back once again without being too loud.

The song does have a soothing feel to it but there is a nice base. The additional instruments added keep it interesting and a person will want to keep listening to find out where the song is going next. The song builds up the excitement.

There are familiar instruments that are heard throughout the song and the beat keeps on going. The song slowly fades out. The instruments do not stop they just get quiet as the song comes to an end.

The beat can be heard all the way until the song fades out but the volume decreases. This brings the song to a nice end and it does not suddenly cut off.

This is a great song to relax to and still hear some great sounds. The element of mystery sets it apart from other instrumental songs and makes it great to listen to. It is calm and soothing and yet an interesting song to play.

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