This new track is the result of a chillout session. In this musical genre there is an incredible world of passion, lifestyle and ambient. Starting with an genuine intro, jumps you in a primordial world, where your mind place you.

115 BPM is the speed of this track. It is enough to cleanse you from the stress of the day. Go home, close the door behind you, turn on the stereo and play this music letting yourself go on the sofa closing your eyes. Look for a new energy by listening to this song. Breathe deeply and start visualizing the music of this track.

Any other ideas on where to play this track? Chill house finds its ideal location after 22.00 o’clock, when the cities stop and the night begins for those who want to live again, live and not survive.

You have a duty to choose the right lifestyle.

I hope you like it!

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Music by Enrico Milano