This Chill House track was composed using electronic equipments. Starting with a piano, bass and drums are always present for your speakers vibrations. Keyboards and strings coming like a bonding agent in this inspirational atmosphere.

The energy of this music comes up like a bomb, the bass grows up like a hammer of a late workshop, sometimes stopping for the melody and then coming back again. This Chill House track runs in a tunnel, usually changing the rhythm and the instruments, missing or overloading them.

The 32 beats are not respected, because the harmony needs to change often. This music track wants relaxing you the stress, and then, give you new power, new energy. The final of this 122 BPM track is an ipnotic surprise.

This music should be listened from sunset onwards, at night, at home or in a disco club in the late evening. Play this in a lounge bar or by the sea, focus on the melody and enter the Aqua Marine. You have a duty to change the colour of your time.

I hope you like it!

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Music by Enrico Milano