This piece is the type of dance music that can adequately fit the expectations of those who need something softer and lighter to start their night with. It could also serve as an intermission piece between heavier beats.

As a part of the still-popular electronic music trend, this work offers itself up for a few moments of introspection that has a pleasing, as well as intriguing, shift near the end, but is otherwise consistent throughout.

The musical quality of this piece does flirt near the first stages of becoming underwhelming, but the subtle feel it gives to the listener is great enough that it can sustain itself for the entire track.

A point of interest, as mentioned, does come near the end when the beat shifts slightly, but then resumes its original course.

All in all, this is an interesting and pleasing piece of dance music that, to the average listener, is fun and energetic, but not out of control.

Music by Enrico Milano

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