There are a few things to learn when listening to this track if the listener doesn’t have prior knowledge.

The term ‘lascivious’ means to feel an overt and even offensive sexual desire toward someone, while the genre, dubstep, focuses on heavy bass sounds, while EDM, the genre dubstep belongs to, relies more on drums and vocals on comparison.

With that knowledge gathered it’s possible to ascertain that this track is one that alludes to a set of feelings and emotions that are meant to invoke a reaction.

From the moment the track starts, it rides an intense beat that transforms into something edgy, and then softer but somehow sinister in its feel.

Throughout the track, one can feel a very back-and-forth type of emotion that melts into something fairly soft with an edgy undertone.

The vocals, though hard to discern, give the track a bit of a punch that jars the senses in a very profound manner, while the hard notes that are jarring and almost awkward blend into the rest of the track eventually, and finally give way to the tail end of the track, which will leave a listener wanting more.

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