This is not a remake (or remix) of the Rolling Stones song!!!

When it comes to music that will make you want to get up and dance Enrico Milano has done it again. Running up with Devil may be instrumental but it will make anyone want to get up. There is a cool beat so no one will be missing the lyrics.

This song can help get people going. It is long enough will be able to enjoy themselves and dance until they feel like they cannot dance anymore. The time will go by so quickly no one will notice that they have been moving.

This song has a beat of a rock edge to it at the beginning along with the electro sound. It is like a disco for the new age. it is very catchy and there are many different tones. This sound is something that can be found at a dance club. It has a techno feel but there is more than just techno sounds.

This is something that can reach out to every music fan with all of the different sounds. It is like there is a story being told as the different instruments change and some are added.

The song is not repetitive. A person will get the beat from the beginning to the end but there are different musical elements along the way to keep it interesting. There is a slight sound of a guitar and there are drums in addition to all of the electro and techno sounds.

This makes it appealing to all music fans. At the end of the song, it brings the music to a climax and things get very intense. The music evens out and it ends with the sounds that a person has enjoyed throughout the whole song. This is something that is easy to listen to and has some unique sounds.

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Music by Enrico Milano

Video by LucaTheGod2010