The song Miss Curvaceous is an upbeat Instrumental EDM song. This song takes off from the beginning with high energy and it keeps that way through the entire song.

This song has a nice dance beat and it is great for those that love techno or electric music. Those that often do not listen to this music will be taken in by the electrifying beat and the energy of this song.

This is an interesting song to listen to. There are many instruments but it is hard to place them which gives the song some wonder. The beat brings back memories of the record scratching times of the past.

This is great for those that like modern music and are not ready to give up the old school feel that they grew up with.

The song keeps on evolving as it goes on. There are all different types of sounds that are added which keep a person going. There seem to be horns mixed in with the techno base.

The song has a steady dance beat throughout it and a person will need to move or at least tap along to the beat.

It is good for those that want to dance but do not want to go all out for the entire song. This song is like a story and it keeps on going strong. A person will want to keep on listening to hear what will be added next to this beat.

At the end of the song things slowly slow down and the volume begins to decrease. This will allow those dancing to have a slight cool down and they know that the song will end.

They will still listen to the very last second to see if there are any additional instrumental surprises.

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