The song Dirty Talking (Sexy Voice ASMR Radio Edit) is an instrumental song by Enrico Milano.

This song does have a female voice talking in the background. Her voice songs are sexy and she sounds like she is looking for a romantic encounter. This song begins with a strong beat that makes a person want to get up out of their chair.

The song comes in with intensity and goes out quietly. It has a nice fade ending that is a nice way to cool down after listening to the intense beat.

While the song can set the mood for dancing it encourages dancing up close and personal. People can grind to the beat on the dance floor. The woman makes her point clear in this song and when people dance they will also make their intentions known. This song is sexy from start to finish. It is suggestive but it is not offensive.

The music can set the mood. When there is no speaking the music will set the mood as it incorporates different sounds and vibes. This song is unique and it is hot at the same time.

As the song continues it picks up intensity and the instrumental part of the song brings the energy to the music. This song can get a person all hot and bothered.

The song is nice that is it mostly music. The speaking is in the background and it can be heard but it does not overpower the sound of the instruments. The song is able to fade out.

This leaves a listener wanting more.

The mood has been set and a person is left looking for additional fun. This is a song to find a partner too. Even if things do not go off the dancefloor this music will leave a person wanting more.

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