Spare a thought for all the relationships that really matter in a person’s life. Being rock means how well a person shows up for people close to them. Below is a brief but thorough description of rock people, their characteristics, and the words that their acquaintances would use to describe them.

Rock people do not waste their time getting worked up about what might fumble. They are confident and are always optimistic about the unseen. Being this confident, rock people are always successful in pushing their positive beliefs and convictions on others. They are strong and are convinced that they can face any challenges that may come with life, regardless of how bad the situation gets.

When anything fumbles, they always manage to take charge, decipher what they need to do, and lead others in the right direction. Rock people are disciplined and reliable. They have no drug addiction issues. They take charge of their health by engaging in useful activities. They rise early, commit to proper exercise, and are mindful of what gets into their bodies.

Rock people are peaceful, happy, and make others laugh, and they never engage with gossipers who drain their peace and positivity. They do not badmouth others but tell stories that uplift others. They are sensible and understand that they can still shine without tearing others down.

Think about a scenario where a person is experiencing financial challenges due to a mistake they did not make. A rock person would offer the suffering person an amount of money and ask them to repay when things improve and if it is within the debtor’s ability to do so. In such an event, it means that the rock person is kind and wise, and with time, they can differentiate between people in real need and those who live continuously in need due to mismanagement of resources.


Music by Enrico Milano