The first impression of this house music is that it is a very subtle remix. It follows a common dubstep structure and has a constant bass, drum, and chromatic passing note rhythm. The melody is the same throughout the remix though it does go through several different stages from being super chill, to being dubstep.

However, the bass notes are pretty wild towards the end of the song and some of the melodies are used in the dubstep part of the remix.

Most instruments are well done, nothing too overpowering or underwhelming. It sounds like a complete and well-thought-out remix. Cool stuff, if you’re into dubstep.

The melody of the dubstep music is very relaxing and has a somewhat melancholy tone to it. It fits well with the song and is also very pleasant to listen to. The bass notes are quite powerful, but not overpowering. Something about the rhythm and chord progression of this song is extremely catchy and gets stuck in my head.

The rhythm is very chill and relaxing, however, the melody can be slightly distracting at some points of the song. It kind of feels like this song is missing something. It would be cool if they took out the melody and made it instrumental. Then added some sort of ambient background sounds, just to give this piece more depth.

The bassline is consistent and deep, it fits well with the melody and the drums. There are no problems with the melody, it compliments the bassline very well. The percussion is done well, the hats feel straight out of a club track.

Key elements of this track include:

  • A dubstep drum beat that builds and changes up to a certain point where it is looped.
  • The first half of the track follows a common dubstep structure, including drops and every element you would expect.
  • At around 3 minutes, the song loops and builds upon the first section.
  • Different piano melodies are introduced as well as a bassline that changes constantly. The track ends with an epic climax.
  • The entire song is built up by one simple melody which you hear all the way through.

The song is fun to listen to as home music. The melody is great and upbeat, and the production is clean. The song makes you want to move and have fun, but then it goes straight into a dubstep beat that feels incomplete. The dance music feels rushed and could have been put together a bit better.

Apple Music:

Music by Enrico Milano