The easy listening traits of Enrico Milano’s “GTA Online Pyromania Mission” cannot be denied. The YouTube video is set to computer graphics with a pig faced man blowing things up. The graphics are mesmerizing to watch. It’s an EDM party that makes you want to sit and chill. It’s energizing though at the same time as all dance music is.

Party music is a good way to describe this track. You listen to computer synths that are fresh. This is not your manufactured stock music. The video was a little over six minutes, and it is something that the listener could just put on repeat. The house music track would do well blasted loud at a party or just in the background of intense conversations. It could also be a long build up to other tracks that are coming up.

Enrico Milano has true talent for making something new for the masses. It’s easy to see that he is a master of blending different harmonies together. It’s so effortless that it’s hard to tell if these are real instruments or if they are blends made on a computer. This is the true mark of a EDM musician.

Anyone who finds time to listen to this track will likely put it on a replay list. It’s a great way to relax too for those who love dance music but aren’t always at a party. The ambient and synthesized sounds are perfectly balanced. This is art in the making for the EDM world that is too often littered with copycat sounds.

There’s a bit of percussion in here too if the listener strains. However, it is never clangy to the ears. Give “GTA Online Pyromania Mission” a listen to get a glimpse of what house music is meant to sound like.

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