This track starts overloading different drums. Running at 132 BPM, this house music is primarily made for club dancing, fitness, workout and other kind of situations where you need ebenry and power.

Good sound for music party, this music track should be played in the middle of your EDM night.

The drums and bass that introduces the track signals something special is about to happen, and over four minutes it certainly does, marrying a electronic dance club house song with heady dancefloor bliss – something that so many house tracks strive for but so few achieve.

An epic, atmospheric house journey that seduces the listener but also demands some dancefloor action.

Jumping in your high intensity training playing this sound make energy and power. The stresses of everyday life can make us give up, not knowing that listening to good music is a quick and easy way to break down stress, nervousness and mental fatigue. After listening to good music, our body is able to relax more easily allowing us, not only to fall asleep more easily, but also to rest better.

Jump!Jump!Jump! and never stops listening this track in loop!

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