In consideration of electronic dance music (EDM), these instruments are without a doubt the most chill type of music that one could hear. The authenticity of this sensational genre has been creatively done by Enrico Milano who has indeed done no wrong. The music creates a relaxing environment and inevitably improves and uplifts the listener’s moods.

In addition to this, the music instrumentals are pivotal for those working with laptops or doing remote jobs as they would help reduce any distractions. One can also dance to the music in regard to the rhythm of the song.
The music video is highly inspirational and goes in tune with the instrumentals.

The video addresses the planet earth and the immense pollution on land, air and water. The video sheds light on the typical human activities that cause pollution and the gradual deterioration of planet earth. Some of the human activities seen in the video are those from industries and peoples’ atrocious acts of dumping rubbish in form of water bottles and cans which ultimately could cause global warming. This would exponentially hinder the survival of the human race.

The music video is simply four minutes and forty seconds long, yet one of the most innovative and educative videos around. The music can be seen to be quite versatile as it can fully satisfy several audiences. With its chill vibes, it can also be played at parties and festivals.

This type of music is the best choice when one is stressed and is in need of a calming effect. Furthermore, the song could easily enhance sleep when you live it on repeat in the background.

The song and the music video serve several relevant purposes that you do not want to miss on.

It can be depicted that this genre and artistic work on the music is way ahead of its time.

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