Chill house is always the best way to introduce a great atmosphere in a disco.

This track travels to the incessant rhythm of emotions and note changes, sometimes even in a sweet distortion, and then rests with a bassline to change the melody, and then returns to its initial musical tune. This song was completed after my cat stopped to listen to the song without leaving. When I had his constant presence for the duration of the piece I realized that I had to stop, I had completed the musical work.

Music helps us to find peace in soul. At any time, dark or happy, there is always a song ready for you. This track starts with a lilting drum beat and immediately plays the whole atmosphere of the song. Music is crucial for several reasons, especially to reduce stress. Stress is the cause of our discomfort, we also need the benefit of music. Both music listeners and powerful musicians have a lot more immune systems than others.

Have you ever wondered why those who train have headphones? It’s not just to cut themself off from the rest of the world, but it serves to affect performance. You run better, you train in the gym at a different pace. Music is essential to be happy.

I hope you enjoy this song!

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